Site Context

The Location

The site is located on Taymount Rise in Forest Hill.

The site is at the southern end of Taymount Rise which rises up from London Road (A205) to the north. Taymount Rise culminates in the circle which contains private gardens. The area is made up of a variety of residential forms. At the southern end of Taymount Rise the area is made up of mainly flatted apartment buildings of four or five storeys height.

The site contains two single homes and their gardens, garages and parking. Taymount Lodge and Greenbanks are sandwiched between two large mid- 20th Century apartment buildings, Taymount Grange and Forest Croft. These apartment blocks both date from the 1930s and are 5 storeys in height. Taymount Grange, to the South East is locally listed and is an example of the International Style, with Art Deco features.

A heritage assessment has been produced looking at the impact of the proposed development on this building. The proposed building has been designed to sit comfortably in the immediate surroundings, partially concealed from Taymount Rise and other locations by the dense tree coverage in the area. The proposed building will pick up on the largely rectilinear forms of the neighbouring apartment blocks.

The land level drops away behind the site to the south to Knapdale Close which comprises five storey apartment buildings and consent for an additional building to the south of the site, currently under construction.