The Proposed Development

The vision for the proposed development is to provide an attractive, high-quality apartment building which fits sensitively within the context of Taymount Rise (see below visualisations and which delivers tangible community benefits). These community benefits will take the form of financial contributions towards local infrastructure including; healthcare, social care, primary and secondary schools, libraries, and adult learning facilities. The proposed development will be sustainable, landscape-led, biodiverse and in keeping with the character of the area.

It will provide a range of apartment types and sizes, including a mix of one- and two-bedroom homes and three-bedroom homes suitable for families.

Externally, residents will benefit from high quality amenity areas, including children’s play space.

The proposals incorporate 21 one- and two-bed units, with the remaining 4 dwellings are three-bedroom 4 or 5 person units. The mix reflects the variation in the unit size and type within the immediate area and will provide for a range of housing need as identified by Lewisham Council. The scheme includes three-bedroom units in accordance with Lewisham’s Core Strategy Policy 1, helping to meet Lewisham’s need for family sized accommodation in this location.

In summary the proposed development will:

  • Create a sensitively designed scheme which has been developed with the benefit of a detailed understanding of the site’s context and set within a strong landscape framework.
  • Provide 21 much needed new homes. The development will comprise a range of 1 to 3 bed apartments and includes architectural features to reflect the local character.
  • Provide financial contributions towards a number of local infrastructure projects.
  • Reduce the reliance on private motor vehicles by providing secure cycle parking and a car pool scheme to the residential units to encourage the use of sustainable modes of transport.