Planning Considerations

As part of the forthcoming application, the main considerations are in relation to the layout, scale, appearance, and landscaping of the development. To inform the proposed design, MortonScarr have undertaken a thorough character assessment of Taymount Rise to ensure the proposed development reflects the existing development in the road.

Following advice from Lewisham planners, the scheme has been reduced in size and altered architecturally to have a flatted roof in keeping with the surrounds.

The detailed planning application will also be supported by a range of reports on technical subjects, including transport, landscape and visual impact, ecology, arboriculture, noise, sunlight, and heritage reports.

Character and Design

Towards the upper end of Taymount Rise, as one approaches the site, the buildings become more modern in appearance, with wider, blockier elevations. The scale of these buildings, although not necessarily taller, get wider, sometimes set back more from the street, and often sited at an oblique angle to maximise use of the site. This apartment block seeks to palette of existing materials and prevalence of different types offers a basis to respond to in the proposed design.


Visual Impact and Amenity

The proposed development reflects the scale and density of the plots either side.

The orientation of the building and the neighbouring buildings is such that none of the proposed apartments will look directly towards the habitable rooms of the neighbouring buildings at an unacceptable proximity. The proposed building is positioned with a good gap between the western elevation and the boundary, minimising overlooking to and from Forest Croft, which is set at a higher land level beyond intervening boundary treatment. The adjacent building to the east, Taymount Grange is set at a 45-degree angle to the proposed building where only oblique views will be possible of the proposed building (the facing end elevation of that building only having windows to a stair core).

Ecology, Trees and Landscape

The proposed development seeks to retain and enhance as much of the existing mature landscaping features on site as possible.

Large built-in planters to all balconies, will provide frameworks for climbing plants, and window boxes. The greenery would help improve residents’ wellbeing, aid screening and cooling the building, whilst also embedding the proposal in the existing site.


Step-free access is provided to the entire proposed development.

All of the proposed apartments will be wheelchair accessible or adaptable.


Energy and Sustainability

The proposals are being developed to target net-zero carbon and will include a range of measures, from ensuring appropriate levels of insulation to the inclusion of renewable and low-carbon technologies. The application will be submitted with a detailed energy and sustainability assessment which considers the building’s energy performance against the most recent London Plan policies and requirements.